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The need to maintain sports facilities and spaces

Sometimes, it doesn’t take more than a ball or even anything material to be able to play sports. However, sports and recreational facilities need to be taken care and must be optimized to be used by people on a regular basis to meet the needs of the activity that takes place there.

The maintenance of spaces for sports activities affects the development of sport in the community. This is one of the reasons why last month, Sport for the world painted a basketball court in Budhanilkantha, Kathmandu. This is more relevant when it comes to public facilities that must be used and enjoyed by anyone, which was the case.  

The court was painted by Sport for the World, together with many other people from the community and it was inaugurated with representatives of the Budhanilkantha municipality and Sport for the world.

It is not only about painting a basketball court: promoting quality spaces for sports and revitalizing the local economy

It should be noticed that it is not just about painting a basketball court, but about restoring it. The main goal was offering a neat and good quality space for sports lovers to enjoy and also to revitalize the local economy around. Although the court could be used before, it was in not so good conditions. It was used, but now it is used much more, although it might be too early to know that for sure. Only time will say.  

Apart from restoring it so that it can be used by sporty people, painting the basketball court also makes the area more beautiful around, as well as encouraging or motivating people to play basketball or throw some baskets when they pass by. After having painted it, there are tourists and travelers who stop to look at the track because it is totally different. This also leads to conversations about the track, which contributes in some way, even if not directly, to its use.

On the other hand, the fact that there is a flow of people walking through the area makes the local economy grow. For instance, if each tourist buys a bottle of water, simple as it may seem, this makes the direct economy of the middle class grow. Apart from that, there’s no need to say that the paint was bought in a local paint store.  

Mudita is written on the court: the sympathetic joy

The word Mudita is written on the court, which means joy in the sense of sympathetic joy or being happy for other people.

If by any chance you pass by the basketball court, whether you play some hoots or you stay out of the court, take a picture and post it to your social media. 

Remei González Manzanero
Remei González Manzanero
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